Saturday, February 7, 2015

Various prints

Friends came over and I wanted to show them my EggBot printer. I quickly pulled out an example drawing and after a short pen-up and pen-down setup I started printing. The result was not as good as I imagined:

As you can see the lines are not in harmony at all and it is kinda not what one would expect to happen. The main problem probably was that I had smaller eggs this time and I moved the parts of the EggBot Printer to fit smaller eggs but I didn't realise that the pen wasn't in the middle of the egg any more. Anyway, they were happy to see it actually printing.

For the second try I printed one of my half-ready designs with the Google Man (from my Gmail background) on it. And it also contains a test message printed on it that I placed there using the EggBot Inkscape extension's Hersey text.

The text worked perfectly, unfortunately it cannot handle the exotic Hungarian letters such as "ü" and "á", but I can finish it manually. Unfortunately the printing has some mistakes again. The fillings of the feet weren't placed correctly. It happened earlier too, so I will look into this more deeply in the near future and get back with a solution as soon as I tested it.

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