Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Sharpie pens

Since we live in Hungary it was a real challenge to buy Sharpie pens, optionally the Ultra Fine type as none of the known stationeries have them here.

As I was told, before Christmas my husband went to several places to ask about Sharpie pens but he had no luck finding any. At the end he ordered it from Amazon and spent lots of money on the shipping from the US just to get some for me.

Because of that we had in mind to check every stationery when we are abroad. So we did in London, when we were there for a few days and we found some Sharpie pens at Ryman Stationery and they were even discounted. We bought an other set of 80's glam pens, but this time only we could buy the Fine type. The 24 pens set was 9.99 GBP (instead of 19.99 GBP). I don't know how good deal it is, but made me happy anyway. I also chose a pack of gold-silver-bronze pens and some blacks for backup.

The only problem is that they don't fit the pen holder of the EggBot.

Pen cannot go lower
I am planning to solve it by asking my husband to 3D print a larger pen holder for me. I will report on that as soon as it is done! (May take some time...)

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