Saturday, January 10, 2015

My first design

My first design was inspired by my Mom. I told her about my plans to draw something in Inkscape to be printed on an egg later. She immediately ask if I am planning to do a Hungarian folk pattern. Hmmm, why not?

So I opened a browser to search for some inspiration and then draw my first pattern. To be exact, only the outline in black and white as I was not sure how to do the filling. I searched the EggBot wiki about a tutorial and soon found the "Drawing a smiley face" tutorial.

After a few hours of work I felt like trying it out for real. I went to the fridge to get an egg, set up the printer and mounted the egg. What can I say, nothing can be perfect for the first try:

Drawing v1 in Inkscape

Egg printed with v1

The pattern was too small and stretched. Also most parts of the egg were empty and that looked bad. What went well was the filling. But actually it went far too well as the pen went through the same places too many times. In the tutorial I was advised to use 4px for the stroke, but I increased it for the next print to 5px and it seemed to be the right choice with my Ultra Fine Sharpie pens.

I also edited the drawing, stretched it to look more natural on the egg and to make it bigger. I also added few patterns to the top and the bottom. I must say that the result was much better!

Drawing v2 in Inkscape

Egg printed with v2
I have some problems with placing the pen to low and because of that it makes extra unwanted lines at the "edges". But other than this, I like how it worked out!

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