Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter present: a pattern generator for everyone

My husband made something amazing for the eggers again!
He programmed a pattern generator that enables you to create triangle or square-based patterns. The output is an svg file that can be plotted on an egg.

Link to the generator:

The egg-pattern-generator has many parameters that can be set before generating the file. First you have to choose whether you want triangles or squares, then you can specify the size and number of the rows, if you want to have the shapes random sized or not. And many more tiny modifications... Have a look and create your own pattern!

I made a few eggs based on the generated designs:

Small squares

You don't have to print all the layers

Vivid colors look great

Large squares

And of course many more can be and will be made... :)


  1. Hi there, can you please update the link. looks like the kids would love this.